Saturday, 29 March 2014

And It Has Kept On Raining

Looking back at my last post in February, the colours were bleached and summery - products of a hot and very dry few months.  Since then we have had a fair bit of rain - not an extraordinary amount, but not a bad amount at all - and pretty regularly.  The countryside is showing it.  As our walk around the northern border region of Canberra shows.

I'm ashamed to say that I don't know my Australian Eucalypts very well, but I think that on the top of the hills here these are snow gums interspersed with a few yellow box.

The bird spotting was great: whistling kites, black falcons, yellow-rumped thornbills, white-eared honeyeaters and mistletoebirds to name a few. They are hard to photograph though, as were all the frogs we could hear but not see.  One bit of the wildlife hung around long enough for a photo.

Having survived our close encounter with the local fauna we enjoyed the floral emblem of Canberra and the ACT (and the trees).